Clip Studio Paint vs. Paint tools

In this article, we have compared the two best digital art software Clip Studio Paint vs Paint Tool SAI. Where one software is free to use or the other one is paid for. Clip Studio Paint is a paid digital art software with limitless features for online art. Paint Tool SAI is free software but it provides limited features to creators. As such, there are various differences between Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool SAI, so we have compared each other on multiple aspects. For more information keep reading this guide.

Introduction to Clip Studio Paint vs Paint Tool SAI

Clip Studio PaintPaint Tool SAI
Clip studio paint is software developed by Celsys and is based in Japan. Although, its Japanese version comes with much more features than its English version, yet its other versions and great to use as well. It is widely used for the creation of cartoons, animations, and especially general illustrations. It comes with a variety of tools and features and especially the 3D modeling feature of Clip Studio Paint. This makes it one of the best painting and art creation software available on the internet today. It is software that is used for painting, drawing as well as editing images. It comes with almost everything that a person needs for the creation of their perfect art piece. It is a great app for advanced users as well as newbies. It comes with a powerful layer system, tools for digital drawing, and a wide variety of features. These features are mainly used for editing of the images such as filters, crop and resize tools, etc. 

Features Comparison: Clip Studio Paint vs Paint Tool SAI

Clip Studio Paint vs. Paint Tool SAI
Clip Studio PaintPaint Tools SAI
It has a wide variety of 2D animation tools that are professionally used to create cartoons, animations, and comics that are sold out in the market. The shading mask feature of Paint tool SAI helps users to change the final output of their image or drawing. It manages different layers of work according to their preference. 
It also has 3D elements that are useful to create 3d images and life-like models, structure, engineering items, pipe, cards, etc. It allows you to create new shaded masks that provide a variety of features such as “Blend feature”, “sharpen feature”, “RGB feature, etc. 
There are a variety of digital drawing options that allow users to create paintings and drawings. Besides this, it edits already drawn pieces or photos. It comes with a variety of colors for its users to choose from, and many pencil tools as well. 
It comprises many built-in filters and tools to edit drawings and images to make them more dynamic and effective. Its color saturation and luminescence features make it of great use for drawings and photo editing. 
Other tools such as selection tools, texture tools, markers, etc make it the easiest and most effective software for professionals as well as beginners. The brushes collection that is present in the Paint tool SAI is also quite vast. 

After reading about the features of both Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool SAI, we shall now move on to comparing them both. 

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Difference between Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool SAI


  • Clip Studio Paint comes at a price of $49.99, which is a one-time purchase. It is made for acquiring the licence of Clip Studio Paint, so that you can use it for a long time. A free trial is given to the users. On the special occasion company also offers exclusive saving offer of up to 50% by Clip Studio Paint Sale.
  • Paint tool SAI on the other hand comes for a price of $52 as a one-time purchase only. It also provides a free trial to its users. 


  • Clip studio Paint is compatible with Windows OS, macOS and iOS. There are no versions for Linux OS and Android OS.
  • Paint tool SAI is only available for use on Windows OS. It does not have compatibility with any other platform. 


  • Clip studio Paint provides its customer support team for support in terms of any query, through the medium of Email and chat support. 24×7 live support and support through calling is not available however. 
  • Paint tool SAI provides its customers with support only through the medium of Email. There is no other method of getting support for the application. 


  • Clip Studio Paint comes with more features such as the types, quantity, and number of brushes and tools that Clip studio paint has to offer. Moreover, the 3D feature that is available in Clip Studio Paint makes it more exclusive as compared to Paint tool SAI. Because only a few applications come with a 3D modelling feature. 
  • Although with less number of features, Paint tool SAI has almost everything a beginner wants to learn and create art pieces. It is an easy to use app mostly preferred by beginners. 

Conclusion: Clip Studio Paint vs Paint tool SAI

Thus, we have seen the features as well as the points of distinction among the two- Clip studio paint as well as Paint Tool SAI. We can clearly see that Clip studio paint comes with more features. However, it is also lesser in price. Also, the support provided by Paint tool SAI is not that satisfactory. However, on the basis of your work and professionalism, you can select the most suitable option for yourself.