Clip Studio Paint vs Medibang

Most of the creators want to know which is the best digital painting software. So keeping this query in our mind here we are comparing the best Clip Studio Paint Vs Medibang Paint software. Clip Studio Paint is amazing software that is designed for creating the painting, illustration, comics, and animation. but it is free software for a limited time. On the other hand, Medibang is free to use digital painting software. For comparing the major features scroll down and read further information.

Introduction of Clip Studio Paint Vs Medibang Paint

Clip Studio PaintMedibang Paint
Clip Studio Paint is a painting software based in Japan. It is a widely used software for the purpose of illustration, and the creation of animations, comics, cartoons as well as Manga art. Various professionals use it to create professional workpieces such as the Japanese cartoons that you watch on your television. It comes with a wide variety of tools and brushes that help you create versatile artwork. It is an easy-to-use app that is widely used for the creation of various different types of artworks. Medibang Paint is considered to be one of the best free-to-use applications for the creation of digital art. It is used on smartphones or tablets and is customized in such a way that your whole device turns into a canvas so that you can draw on it. You can draw with the help of your fingers or pen if your device supports its usage. It is a very easy-to-use app that comes with a lot of tools and features and can be accessed by beginners as well. 

Comparison of Clip Studio Paint And Medibang Features

Clip Studio Paint vs Medibang Paint
Clip Studio Paint FeaturesMediBang Features
It provides the users the chance to choose from unlimited styles of painting for their artwork. Such as painting, oil pastels drawing, shading and sketches, etc. A vast variety of brushes and materials to choose from helps you to easily draw different types of art forms. 
A variety of preset tools and brushes saves your time and effort used in customizing the brushes. You can collaboratively work with other people through the cloud sharing feature of Medibang paint. 
It comes with six color palettes, using which you can easily mix and match colors and use them for drawing. It also comes with in-built fonts of various types that help you create text pieces easily. It also consists of pre-installed backgrounds and tones for your images.
The blending tool is great at mixing different colors and creating new colors of your want. Its user interface is very easy and consequently, it can be used for professional purposes, as well as by learners and newbies. It is a quite lightweight app. 
Provides in-built items such as patterns, 3D models and brushes, etc. for easy usage. One of its amazing features is the creation of 3D models and the ease with which they can be created by the user. When we talk about the creation of comics, it is quite handy software as it comes with features such as comic page management, easy comic panel creation, and another feature of Snap Guides that help you draw comic action scenes with quite ease. 

As we have read about the features of both Clip Studio Paint and Medibang Paint, we shall now read some points of comparison so that you can easily go for the best option for yourself. 

Difference between Clip Studio Paint Vs Medibang


  • Clip Studio Paint is quite cheap software as compared to its paid competitors, with a price of $0.99 per month. It does not have a free version, although it provides a free trial to its users. During the time of festivals or special occasions, the company provides Clip Studio Discount Code.
  • Medibang on the other hand is completely free to use the software. 

User interface

  • Clip Studio Paint is quite easy-to-use software with all its tools and brushes set in the proper place. 
  • Medibang is a great software for beginners, as it provides its users with live online training and training through Documentation as to how they can become experts in the field of digital art creation. 


  • Clip Studio Paint is not a very good app in providing support to its users as it provides help mostly through the FAQs available on its Forums. In severe cases, one can seek help through the medium of email. 
  • Medibang however, provides online support to its customers but not 24×7, but only during business hours. 


  • Clip studio paint comes with a variety of features such as Keyframe animation, 3D model viewer, Cloud sync, Image editing features, Natural media painting, Vector drawing and strokes etc, which are not available in Medibang Paint. Due to this, it is considered one of the best comic making software.
  • On the other hand, Medibang comes with various features such as Colour blending, comic templates, frame-by-frame animation, night mode, custom brushes, pen pressure etc., which are not there in Clip studio paint coupon


  • Clip Studio paint comes with a large number of plugins that might rarely be available anywhere else. Besides, it comes with many tools such as Zoom Tool, Move tool, Airbrush tool, Eraser tool, Blend tool, Text tool, etc., which makes drawing quite easy and more effective. 
  • Medibang brush tool, eraser tool, dot tool, bucket tool, gradient tool, Lasso tool, Operation tool, Divide tool, Eyedropper tool etc. are some tools which are present in Medibang, and help the users.


  • One can use clip studio paint on his/her PC, with Windows OS or mac OS, and even his/her phone, only if it is an apple phone or iOS. 
  • On the other hand, Medibang paint can run on various platforms such as Windows OS, mac OS, iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones. 


  • Clip studio paint is used for a wide range of purposes such as illustration, creation of comics, animations, 3D models etc. 
  • Medibang is generally used for the creation of different types of drawings and painting with the help of different brushes available. 

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Conclusion- Clip Studio Paint Vs Medibang

Thus, we have read about all the features, tools, and other important characteristics of both Clip studio paint as well as Medibang paint. According to your needs and usage, you can now select the most preferable option for yourself.