Tips For Increasing Sales On Your Ecommerce Site

When you first set up your eCommerce website, you’ve likely picked out the items you want to feature, created a well-designed site, and are probably expecting the sales to start rolling in. This is why it can be quite disappointing when sales don’t go as you expect. 

Simply put, setting up an eCommerce site is not enough to generate sales. There is so much more that comes into creating a successful website, from specific tactics you can use to creating successful marketing strategies. But, boosting eCommerce sales doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might think. More often than not, using a combination of smaller techniques that work together in unison will help you to reach your revenue goals. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 3 tips for increasing sales for your eCommerce website. 

Tips To Increase Sales For Ecommerce Site

Ways for increase sales on ecommerce website

Here we have mentioned the unique ways and tips for increasing sales. Let’s discuss them below:

Use Limited Stock Tactics

Depending on the products you sell on your eCommerce site, some tactics will be more effective than others. One example of this is limited stock or scarcity tactics. If your product appears to only be available in a limited supply or is only available for a short period of time, then this increases the likelihood of users making purchases. This is because users will automatically think that they won’t be able to get your items at a similar price, or at all, later on. 

Incorporating the scarcity tactic within your marketing strategy can cause click-through rates to increase by around 14%. It’s a tactic that is so easy to implement that, if you have the right products, you can easily take advantage of this tactic and use it to your advantage. Some tactics include advertising flash sales, adding a countdown timer during sales to create a sense of urgency, and offering free shipping for a limited time. You can check out the top eight digital marketing strategies to boost your business to get effective results.

If you sell vintage or antique goods, then you naturally have an advantage due to the nature of the products. Vintage jewellery is highly unique and each piece is individual, meaning that the demand is higher, as there will only have been one piece made. Antique ornaments are often showcased in a certain way to appeal to customers who will feel like they are missing out if they don’t take advantage of the price at that very moment. There are some very clever stock strategies available, depending on the product you sell on your website, that you can utilize. 

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Some eCommerce websites have a feature where, if a customer fills their cart with items, you get a notification through to your device. You’ll start picturing the check out of this order and feel as though sales are on the up before they abandon their checkout at the last minute before finalizing their hefty purchase. It can be really discouraging and disheartening, especially if this is something that happens frequently, but luckily there are some ways that you can minimize cat abandonment on your website, and is an amazing tip for increasing sales. 

One of the best ways you can reduce your cart abandonment figure is to have exit-intent popups. These make visitors think twice before clicking that X button on your site, especially if you’re kind enough to add a “Don’t Go” discount, between 5-10%. These popups will automatically detect when a user is moving their mouse toward the X button and gives them a chance to redeem an offer in exchange for completing their sale. 

You can also consider sending follow-up emails if users check out after entering all their details. Statistically, once a user gets to the final point before checkout, they’re highly engaged so are likely to make a purchase, but perhaps need to meet some final markers before doing so. Follow-up emails help to build brand loyalty, plus they provide a great opportunity to give these potential customers an added perk, such as free shipping or a freebie in their order, to secure their purchase.  

Showcase Your Reviews

On average, around 70% of customers will use online reviews before they make a purchase. Therefore, if you aren’t using reviews to your full advantage, then you’re losing out on a huge chunk of potential customers and revenue. It’s easy to add reviews to your website design, with many different plugins you can use. You can also add ratings to your individual products, or prompt verified customers to leave reviews. 

You may also consider reaching out to your loyal customer base – those who repeatedly buy from your store – to ask for a testimonial of your brand that you can use. Testimonials are different from reviews as they typically aren’t anchored to a specific product, they’re more general and relate to your brand on the whole. These help to build trust in your brand and can be used to boost the overall experience of your website.

The integration of a good email list is needed for this, as this is where you will find your most loyal customers. Once you have built up a good collection of testimonials, show these across your landing pages to immediately build a bond of trust with new customers. Testimonials have even better success when they are paired with a real name, as customers will be able to identify customers as a real person. 


Not hitting your target for eCommerce site sales can feel like a huge blow to your business, but it’s important to remember that there are a number of tactics out there that you can utilize and ensure your eCommerce website is a success. These tips, along with many others have all been instrumental in increasing website sales for other eCommerce sites, so why not give them a go!