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How To Download YouTube Videos

How To Download YouTube Videos & Save Permanently

YouTube is a notable video-sharing stage that helps customers with viably seeing, like, comment and moving any video. It gives likely the best method for talking with your group whether you are propelling things or giving information to understudies.…
Transfer videos from iPhone to Mac

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to MAC?

iPhone and Mac have a very unique feature of syncing. Those who are new users of Apple products are unaware of the hidden features. Those features come up in front of our eyes after a thorough digging. Being a new user of the iPhone also raises…
How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

How to fix a hacked Android phone?

Every user is concerned about security. A security breach can lead to huge losses, both for a person and a company. Privacy needs to be protected by everyone. In case it is breached, how can it be easily restored? This hacking term was used…
How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone 12?

Iphones are distinct from an android in several ways and the functionalities of an iPhone are also way too distinguishable than Androids. Iphone’s features are also variable and a little bit complicated. The new iPhone users always have queries…