How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

Every user is concerned about security. A security breach can lead to huge losses, both for a person and a company. Privacy needs to be protected by everyone. In case it is breached, how can it be easily restored? This hacking term was used exclusively by computers from 1990 to 2005, but from 2005 to 2023, it is most common for mobile phones to be hacked. To resolve this trouble here we conduct an answer to query How to fix a Hacked Android Phone.


Globally, there are more than 6.99 billion mobile subscribers that are not secured if they are unaware of the basics. Your mobile device may be vulnerable if you allow unknown or even known apps to access its settings.

Viruses and malware can be introduced to your Android phone for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is crucial never to download applications that you don’t trust from trusted sources, such as Google Play Store.

Yet even then, you aren’t 100% covered. A phone hacker knows a lot of tools and has specialized knowledge, so dealing with him or her can be daunting.

In order to stop these malicious and infected apps from being uploaded to the Play Store, Google routinely removes them from the store – they contain viruses and trojans that are designed to infect your phone and steal your personal information.

Nonetheless, before we discuss what you can do once your smartphone is hacked or infected, it would probably be best to see who can hack your phone and what you can do first in order to determine whether it is infected.

Who Is Capable Of Hacking Your Android Device?

How to fix a hacked Android phone

The person who shares your secrets and has your trust can hack your phone from your home to the office. You might lose your private chats or pictures to an office colleague who hacks your device. A child may be seeking out your banking information if he or she breaks into your device. Listed below are people who might be interested in hacking an Android phone –

  • Learner of hacking
  • Hackers who are professionals
  • Governmental agencies
  • Colleague in the office
  • Your friends

Detecting Hacked Android Phones

A hacker may impose complete control over your mobile device through different methods of hacking or spying. It’s possible that your mobile phone has been hacked or infected if it shows any suspicious or inappropriate behavior. Let’s look at how to detect a hacked Android device. The hacking of an Android phone can happen for a number of reasons.

  1. A pop-up ad or inappropriate content appears on your phone.
  2. Without your knowledge, your phone is making calls, sending texts, or receiving texts.
  3. The use of mobile data has increased suddenly.
  4. Apps appear on your smartphone that you are not familiar with or do not remember having downloaded.
  5. Suddenly, the battery on the phone is draining much faster than before.
  6. When using the phone, it gets unusually hot
  7. Some websites suddenly crash while using your phone and your phone becomes slower.
  8. The phone automatically turns on and off

Advanced Methods for Fixing a Hacked Android Device

Android phones are very secure devices to use as we’ve discussed previously. But even with such security, a hacker can find small details and exploit them to hack someone’s Android phone. Mobile applications are regularly updated to prevent hacking. The user can easily find a fix for their phone hacked and keep their device secure if they follow their instructions regularly.

Performing a factory reset on an Android device

It is best to reset your Android phone to get rid of the malware. To prevent data loss, consider taking a backup of all the important files, photos, and documents before you begin this process.

What are the steps for resetting a hacked Android phone?

You can learn how to reset your Android phone by following the steps below. The steps will help you to fix Hacked Android Phone simply.

The First Step – You need to turn off your device. After you have completed the aforementioned steps, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

The Second step – Once you see the mobile’s logo, hold the Volume Up button while you leave the Power button press.

Please take note: Up and down can be done here by using the Volume Up and Down buttons, respectively. You can select an option by pressing the Power button.

The Third step – You can complete the process by selecting ‘Delete all user data’ and pressing Power. 

The process of wiping and resetting your Android may take several minutes. When nothing works with how to fix a hacked Android phone, the last option is to reset the device.

If you wish to do a factory reset of your Android device, you can access mobile settings and choose that option.

In the phone’s settings, choose Factory Reset >Erase all data.

These options are available on all Android phones, but they may vary depending on the brand. The following steps can be followed if you cannot locate the above settings.

The First step – Go to your phone’s settings.

The Second step – Open the search bar by tapping the search icon (or the magnifying glass icon). Type ‘factory reset’ into the search bar.

The Third step is – Enter the page and choose ‘Erase all data from the Reset area once you find it.

Resetting a device takes a while depending on the amount of data stored on the device.

What if the Phone is still hacked after factory reset?

You really didn’t reset your phone, since it tried to keep all your personal data, and nothing you added (if anything was added) would have actually been removed. It would be best to perform a “Hard Reset”, which will completely clear the system of everything on it, and then restart the device like it was when first purchased.

Redirection and diverting of calls should be disabled

The diversion or forwarding of calls or messages is a well-known concept that we use almost every day. The same feature can be misused by hackers to redirect messages, calls, or other data to their own devices.

So , here know about What To Dial To See if Your Phone Is Hacked?

Open the dialer on the phone and type ##002# to disable the forwarded call settings at once.

General Tips for Fixing Hacked Android Phones

Hackers usually upload malware or install spy apps that record every keystroke, app activity, location, photo, and other information on the phone of the target. So the victim won’t become aware of it, these apps operate in the background. But when you have a spy app or malware running on your phone almost constantly, your phone’s workload increases and you begin to notice weird symptoms.

Strange or unknown activities on an android phone can be indicated in several ways. Identifying them will allow you to secure devices quickly and prevent mobile hacking.

To unhack your android phone, we’ve listed six general techniques to follow –

  1. Scan your Android device with an anti-virus app that you trust.
  2. If an app or message seems malicious, delete it.
  3. Always keep an eye on the performance and activity of your phone.
  4. Installed applications on your Android device can be checked for data usage
  5. Remove all notifications from your website and reinstall your browser.
  6. You can turn off spam emails and notifications.

Restart your Android device

A reboot of an Android device is often thought to prevent hackers from accessing your data. However, it only works every so often, primarily if it is only attempted once. Even rebooting an Android phone will not solve the problem if the device has been hacked as the malicious app will restart once the device reboots.

Delete the cache on your phone

Your phone’s performance has been affected by a spy app. Having too many unnecessary applications and other files can also result in low storage space on your phone. Even simple tasks like making a phone call are affected by this lagging and slow loading speed. Remove unnecessary applications from your device as soon as possible to fix this issue. Adding more space to your Android can also be achieved by clearing the cache.

The antivirus scan should be run

There should be an antivirus app or anti-malware app on every smartphone to monitor abnormal activities. In addition, all connections will be blocked if an unauthorized device or location tries to access your account. Try running an anti-malware application on your device if you doubt someone is attempting to break in. You should only install licensed, not pirated, anti-malware applications on your phone.

Take a look at all suspicious apps and delete them

In most cases, spy apps for Android phones do not have a hidden icon. In addition to others, your smartphone’s settings allow you to discover hidden apps. By looking at a hidden app’s data usage, you can also identify it.

The PIN code and the lock screen of your Android computer can be reset

If a hacker should get your login credentials and hack your phone this way, you will be able to block them from getting back into your device once you restart it. Screen pinning is another method that can be used to lock apps.

FAQ on Fix Hacked Android Phones

How can I fix the performance issue on my phone?

An android spy app can cause slow phone performance as one of the signs of their installation. Due to many unnecessary applications on your phone, it can also happen when your phone has very little space. Even simple tasks like making a phone call are affected by this lagging and slow loading speed. Remove unnecessary applications from your device as soon as possible to fix this issue.

What is the solution to the battery drain issue?

Battery issues are common in old phones, but they can indicate many different problems in new Android devices. Battery drain is a common problem with hacked phones. See if your phone has any unknown applications that are draining the battery. Removing it immediately will solve this problem.

Conclusion- How to fix a hacked android phone?

Since the internet and social media have become a part of everyday life, we have had to deal with threats such as hacking Android phones and data breaches. Because mobile phones have many security features, Android’s are generally considered safe to use. However, hackers are still able to exploit small security holes and penetrate into your device. Our devices can be protected from such threats through a variety of means. We should take three steps to ensure the security of our phones since the security of our data is in our hands. The steps are to ensure that we are updating all of our applications regularly, downloading apps only from official stores, and using anti-malware programs. Also, we should refrain from using websites that do not have SSL certificates.

You can, therefore, go for these tried-and-true solutions if you find out that your phone has been compromised from the signs listed in Detecting Hacked Android Phones.