Magix Photo Manager Review

Unlike in earlier times, storing photos has become a much easier task. People have photos on their devices such as mobile phones or PCs, and consequently, stop worrying about their safety and loss. But in order to keep those photos and memories organized, we certainly need an application that can help do that task for us. So keep the memories secure you need software that’s why here we conduct Magix Photo Manager Review.

Magix Photo Manager is an amazing software that helps us to keep our photos planned and organized so that we can have easy access to them whenever we like to. It comes with other features such as tools for the minute editing of photos. Consequently, one might not fear losing his photos or distortion of the image quality due to external factors. 

Magix Photo Manager Features Review

Before knowing about other facts related to Magix software let’s read about its features. Some important features of Magix photo manager are mentioned below-

  • It lets you create a database of your photos according to your own requirements. You can arrange photos into different albums so that they are easier for you to access. 
  • You have total control over your albums and the photos stored in them so that you can assemble them, rearrange them or shuffle them according to your likes. 
  • It also allows you to add videos and audios to your gallery, and comes with many presentation tools which enhance the organisation of your photos and videos. 
  • It comes with a facial recognition feature. When you want to see all the photographs of a particular person stored in your gallery, they will be automatically combined into a particular section for your easy access. Isn’t that cool?
  • It comes with some tools which provide you the option of editing your photo or correcting minor issues such as red eye correction tool, image adjusting tools etc. 
  • You can connect it to the cloud services you use to showcase all your photos in one place. 
  • It saves your time and the data occupied on your drive as you can save one image in many different folders without having to rewrite it on the hard drive again and again.
  • It also comes with a free version in addition to the paid version, which makes it affordable and accessible for all. Although the paid version comes with a lot more features, you can be satisfied with the free version if you require a basic photo management application. 

Advance Features Magix Photo Manager Review

  • It comes with a detailed searching and sorting option which makes accessing images even easier and particular.
  • In case of your architectural shots, it has a feature that automatically corrects the curved lines as well as the converted vertical in the image. 
  • You can add sound into your images in the form of description, captions, commentary or whatsoever. 
  • You can draw a travel route in the form of animation into your images such as maps.
  • You can combine more than one image into a slide show and create a type of video. 
  • It comes with some additional editing tools and add-ons which help you do a lot more with your images. 

The paid or deluxe version of Magix photo manager comes for a price of $39.99 as a one-time fee. It comes with regular upgrades which you have to pay additionally for from time to time. It also provides a free trial to the users. Magix photo manager is software that can run only on the versions of the Windows Operating system. 

We will now read about the pros and cons of Magix Photo manager 


  1. It is easy to use and organises all your media at one place. 
  2. It comes with a free version.
  3. The paid version enlists a number of tools and features and comes with a one-time fee only. 
  4. Your photos and other media are automatically backed up and can be restored when you need it. 
  5. It supports a wide range of formats of image files which any computer or phone may support. 
  6. The customer support provided in case of any query to the user is very good and helpful. 
  7. It comes with basic editing tools and you do not look upon other softwares to do photo editing for you. 
  8. The total control over the customisation and arrangement of the photos is in your hands, as those are your memories. 


  1. It has versions only for Windows and cannot run on mac OS, Linux, android or even iOS. 
  2. To get the full load of features you need to get the paid subscription. 
  3. It becomes a messy place sometimes if you do not arrange your photos systematically. 
  4. A person has to do a lot of hard work in compiling and arranging the photos. 

Thus we can see that Magix Photo manager is a good application if you are a user of a Windows PC, and can come in handy to you for the management of your images and stuff. It comes with its own sets of pros and cons. In case, you seek an option other than Photo manager for your images, given below is the list of a few alternatives that can serve as good alternatives. 

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Alternatives Of Magix Photo Manager

After reading the review if you find that Magix Photo Manager doesn’t work according to your needs then you can switch. For selecting the best software you can go through the list of Magix Photo Manager Alternatives.

Google photos

This is software that is developed and managed by Google and is known to keep your photos organized. It comes with its own cloud with a good backup system. You can do basic image editing on it and organize your photos into different albums by just signing it into your Google account. It has the benefit that it can be used on any type of PC or mobile phone or another device.


It is a platform that is used by people for uploading their images and saving them in case of any mishappening with their device. They can upload their photos and then organize them according to your requirements. You can also share your photos with people. It is widely used by professionals around the world. 

Adobe Bridge

It is a powerful software that is used for the maintenance of your images and other such data. It comes with many other apps and support for Adobe Creative Cloud, with which you can store your data online to keep it safe and share it with others. You can also edit your images with good tools and organize them beautifully. 

Avid Media Composer

This is another alternative to Magix photo manager. Avid Media Composer is the best in the editing industry and it is used for TV, movie and Indie production. There are amazing features that you get at an affordable price during the Media Composer sale. It will enhance your editing skills as well.

Conclusion- Magix Photo Manager Review

We can easily say that Magix Photo Manager is easy-to-use software with lots of amazing features. the prices of the software are reasonable. You need to pay once to utilize the benefit of this software for a lifetime. It is one of the best software. If you still find this software costly then you have other options too.