Cell Phone Rules - The Dos and Don'ts for Modern Day Kids

Parenting kids of the digital age is like diving head first into unchartered territory for most parents. Most kids own cell phones at an age as young as ten nowadays. That makes it even more challenging for parents to establish cell phone rules. 

It is not surprising to see parents seeking cell phone parental controls and apps like FamilyTime to get them out of this predicament. Here are a few cell phone rules- The dos and don’ts for modern-day kids.

Cell Phone Rules for Modern Day Kids

The excitement of a new cell phone and the freedom that comes with cell phones often hinder kids’ abilities to make intelligent choices. Instead of maintaining a healthy relationship with technology, they may go overboard and develop tech addiction. 

Parents must help their kids implement cell phone rules to prevent that from happening. Let’s look at a few rules to help your kids make healthier choices regarding screen time use.

Rule # 1: Too Much Screen Time Will Not Be Tolerated!

Parents can enter a screen time agreement with their kids before handing them their very own cell phones. The best way to do this is by educating them about the negative impacts of excessive screen time on their health, such as impaired learning, a decline in eyesight, obesity, etc. 

Another strategy is to create screen-free zones and times in the house. For instance, you can create a digital corner in your home in a shared space (like the living room) and prohibit screens in the bedrooms. It allows you to monitor your kids’ activities by keeping them in your line of sight. 

Rule # 2: No Screens at the Dinner Table! 

No screens at the dinner table rule is a staple when it comes to cell phone rules. Enforcing this rule is vital for family bonding. However, it is only effective if the entire family follows it. Parents must lead by example to teach their kids proper cell phone etiquette by not responding to messages, calls, or emails while sitting at the dinner table.

Rule # 3: Get All Your Ducks in A Row!

The message behind this rule is to learn the art of prioritizing tasks. It will be especially tricky for parents to get their kids to complete their homework and house chores before they can use their screen time. That said, cell phone parental controls and apps, such as FamilyTime, can help. FamilyTime android parental control app offers features like Screen Time Limit, Bed Time, Homework Time, Screen Time Schedule, and more. Parents can take advantage of these services and help their kids study without distractions.

Rule # 4: No Phones While Driving 

Screens are distracting and can be especially dangerous if you are using them while driving. Set clear expectations with this rule for teens who have just learned to drive. They must heed the gravity of the situation.

FamilyTime can also help you keep your teens safe on the road by monitoring their driving speeds. With its Teen Safe Drive feature, parents can assign specific speed limits for their teen drivers and get instant alerts if they surpass those speeds.


Rule # 5: Be Ready to Face the Music 

Cell phone rules are incomplete if parents do not set clear consequences for breaking any (or all) rules. A tech contract or screen time agreement can help instill a sense of accountability in kids. 

Parents must clearly establish that kids’ access to the internet, cell phones, digital devices, and privacy are all privileges, not birthrights. They must be ready to face the music if they break their cell phone rules. That means they must prepare themselves to lose any or all privileges if they disregard these rules. 

Rule # 6: Set Up Parental Controls

Setting up parental controls is vital for kids’ safety. Kids often use social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, etc., to keep in touch with their friends. While Android and iPhone devices come with built-in basic cell phone parental controls, they are not enough to protect kids from dangers posed by the digital world. Therefore, parents seek third-party apps like FamilyTime to safeguard their kids’ digital lives. 

With cell phone rules and FamilyTime’s parental control features, parents can help their kids maintain a healthy relationship with technology and digital media.