Why Does SEO & Organic Traffic Still Rock?

If you own a website, you are undoubtedly very concerned about visitors. So, this post will be great about SEO & organic traffic. You probably check to see how many new visitors arrive at your site when you publish fresh material or modify a page. You might even get to the point where you check your traffic obsessively. We normally take a wait-and-watch approach to traffic, despite thinking about it all the time. It is not as straightforward as “if you build it, they will come.” 

And if you want to succeed with your website and business, you’ll need more visitors and better search engine visibility. You can’t grow a business without a steady stream of internet traffic. So, still, SEO and Organic traffic are of utmost importance for any online business. We will explore the reasons and the SEO strategies that can increase organic traffic in today’s post. Let us begin here:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic comprises the people that find your website through popular search engines. This happens when your website appears among the other sites in search results. Search Engine Optimisation is the component of organic traffic that focuses on enhancing or increasing your website’s traffic. It allows your website to appear on the first page of a search engine results page. Using Google Analytics, this traffic may be separated from other types of traffic, such as paid search. Having a clear picture of how your website performs without advertising allows you to address any flaws and re-optimize any essential pages. Also, check the difference between SEO vs SEM.

Here are the reasons why SEO & Organic traffic is in so much need for business purposes. It will help you in understanding in a better way.

Get A Leg Up On The Competition

The amount of work required to start ranking high for competitive keywords will vary depending on whether you’re new to the digital world or have had a website for years. Websites developed on fresh new domains start from scratch, which might be a concern if there are a lot of competitors with sites that have been indexed for years. However, by creating a strategic SEO strategy, releasing optimized content, and generating links, you will generate a lot of momentum. While this may necessitate a significant amount of monthly resources, this is your chance to catch up to the competition and strive to get ahead.

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Low-Cost Marketing Plan

Search engine optimization is a more cost-effective method than traditional advertising strategies. As traditional media such as print, radio, and television are being supplanted by digital formats such as blogs, podcasts/satellite radio, and subscription-based entertainment, the chances of reaching users via these mediums are dwindling. Search engine optimization can be significantly less expensive than PPC advertising, depending on your niche and online interaction with your target audience. For example, most insurance or legal industries keywords will cost between $10 and $50 per click. Still, with so many competitors online, it may be worthwhile to invest in media buying. If your target demographic is more likely to ignore ads completely, a new organic search approach could be more cost-effective to attract new inbound traffic.

Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Content Marketing Initiatives

Content marketing and organic search go together like peanut butter and bread. You may find queries, long-tail phrases, and other relevant keywords users search for every month by regularly conducting keyword research. Use this knowledge to your advantage and create a content library for your website to increase organic visibility and help users progress through the conversion funnel. If you want to dominate search engines for “local SEO,” for example, you can utilize Serpstat to uncover profitable keyword phrases like:

Why is local SEO important?

What are the advantages of SEO for a small local company?

How can I increase my local SEO rankings?

The better your research is, the more awesome the results will be. It simply means that if you focus on the topics that the people are searching for, you will gain more organic traffic sooner or later.

Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

The technological modifications you may make to your website to improve the overall user experience and make it more “search engine friendly” are a fortunate outcome of search engine optimization. When it comes to optimizing a website, for example, some of the items on our checklist include:

  • Schema markup is being implemented.
  • Internal links that aren’t working are being fixed.
  • 404 errors are fixed by redirecting broken links to the most relevant pages.
  • To support the major aims, more relevant content will be added.
  • A breadcrumb navigation mechanism is being added.
  • Improving the overall speed of the website.
  • Resolving challenges with mobile usability.

These are just a handful of search engine factors when indexing websites. Fixing broken links, thin content, and mobile usability concerns can enhance user experience and raise conversion rates across all campaigns – earned and sponsored.

Opens The Door To New Business Opportunities

You rely solely on referrals or sponsored traffic to drive new revenue if you are already a conglomerate. Otherwise, your website must appear in the top results of searches relating to your product or service for you to entice new clients.

Make Your Marketing Plan More Adaptable

Contrary to popular opinion, search engine optimization may be robust and versatile. You may capitalize on the most recent trends in your niche by providing timely content and securing a spot on the first page of search engine results. You may also increase your brand’s visibility by sharing your material with other publishers on the web to generate inbound links to your website. An infographic or whitepaper detailing a recent development might help your website be cited by other websites, increasing brand awareness and generating important inbound connections.

Algorithm Friendly

Organic traffic is algorithm-friendly since it delivers good signals to the search algorithm. Compared to traffic from other sources, there is a reduced bounce rate, a longer duration on site, and more pages per session.

A Bespoke CMS Tailored To Their SEO Requirements.

Scaling up a content generation to this extent necessitates developer resources. You won’t publish as much material in different languages with your typical CMS options. Some of the most important SEO aspects of their proprietary CMS are:

  • Creating thousands of new landing pages rapidly with templates and boilerplates
  • Taking care of internal linking
  • At scale, creating and updating meta tags and structured data
  • Creating and updating hreflang properties and canonical tags
  • Existing pages are cloned, updated, or deleted at a large scale
  • Before pushing changes to production, test them in a local environment
  • Platform monitoring is built-in to detect and fix problems
  • Split system built-in

Gain More Credibility

Do you ever click on the paid results when you run a search? For most users, the answer is never. People refer to a few top organic search results. They are looking for the most up-to-date and reliable solutions to the issues they are facing. They are less interested in a top result that appears to be purchased than in an organic outcome. This is the reason organic searches account for three-fourths of all the clicks. Credibility is an automatic boost in trust when potential clients see you on the top of organic search results. Even if they aren’t marketing savvy and don’t understand what it takes to hold a job, they can help you.

A Fantastic Way To Create A Brand

Every day, your potential consumers utilize search engines to look for information. Every second, Google handles 40,000 search inquiries. Consider this scenario: Someone searches for terms in your sector and comes across you. You will become the leading brand in their minds if you continuously show up as the solution. Every piece of content that directs searchers to you increases your brand equity. Not only that, but you’re also providing many touchpoints for potential clients to find your company.

What Are The Best SEO Strategies For Great Organic Traffic?

By this point, you know how important SEO & organic traffic are. But now, we will discuss the major SEO tactics to gain the organic traffic below:

Develop Material That Lasts Forever

Try to create content always fascinating to the reader regardless of the time. They are ageless since they address issues that visitors frequently seek. As a result, these posts will always attract a lot of traffic. This means that the more you include in your plan, the better your blog will do overall. You can use some more common evergreen content forms with various topics. For instance, you can include case studies, advantages, and disadvantages of products or software, checklists, market trends and statistics, beginner’s guide, etc., so always prefer the new topics that interest visitors.

Compress And Optimize Visuals

It is crucial to compress and optimize all the visuals on your site, including photos, videos, infographics, to reduce the load times. You can use Google tools to search your site for photos that may be slowing it down. For example-Google LightHouse. Nowadays, many content management systems provide inbuilt optimization support to edit visuals to make your website more impressive.  However, compressed is the quickest method to prevent a lot of image sizes later on. This is because the user experience is a criterion for ranking websites.

It is always beneficial to give links to old stuff if possible. Google examines every page to check whether you are connecting to other articles related to the one you are writing. Put an anchor text cautiously by looking at the importance of visitor intent that should be fulfilled. It keeps the search engines more informed about the destinations of links. Search engines do not tell how to specify the internal or external links but consider the length of your content into account. 

Improve The Page Loading Time

Page load time includes the visuals as well as the HTML content. HTML code always loads before the visual content. As a result, the HTML content should be less feasible. Many code snippets are skipped by the analytics tools when analyzing user behavior, and it causes long loading times. Take advantage of the Google tool to test if you’re inquisitive about improving your page performance. In addition to images, it also tells about all the elements that delay the pages from loading. According to the report generated, you can improve wherever is the scope.

Use Navigation And Sitemaps To Your Advantage

The top navigation is one of the important elements for a site that can impress visitors. So, some suggestions for optimizing it for search engines are: always link the top menu to your most essential pillar pages, use wording that the searcher will understand, avoid using phrases like “solutions,” “services,” and so on. In contrast to this, sitemaps are XML files to inform Google about your website’s contents. Submit yours after it’s finished.

Create Responsive Design

Before launching Google’s mobile-first index, Google crawled and indexed our website in the result pages using the desktop-user agent. Google uses the desktop and mobile user agents to crawl your website. Find information about your pages on the desktop version and use the data from the desktop version to index the pages. Google looks for information on your website’s mobile versions with the mobile-first index. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will struggle to rank in Google’s mobile-first index. If you want your pages to appear in search results, you’ll need to optimize your website for mobile visitors.


In this post, we have seen the various reasons for the popularity of SEO & organic traffic. It includes beating the competition, cost-effectiveness, enhanced user experience, content marketing tactics, algorithm friendliness, more flexibility in marketing, new business opportunities, and more. Additionally, we briefed the major SEO tactics of optimized content and visuals, fast loading time, smooth navigation, multiple internal links, formatted sitemaps, responsive design, etc., hoping this will be useful. You can work on all these factors to maximize the organic visitors and enhance search engine optimization. These are easy to implement but need consistency and time. If you want to make yourself free for other important tasks and need professional SEO Perth services, get in touch with us today!