Filmora X Vs FilmoraPro

Filmora X and FilmoraPro both products belong to Wondershare. These two programs have similar properties but with different features and usage. Filmora X is designed for new users or someone who is just in the learning phase. Whereas FilmoraPro is a full-fledged program for professional users. Here, we will compare Filmora X vs FilmoraPro to find which software out of them is better. For this, we will compare their various aspects including their features and pricing.

Features Difference Between Filmora X Vs FilmoraPro 2023

Difference Between Filmora X and Filmora Pro

The basic feature difference between Filmora X and Filmora Pro is that we have mentioned previously. But for brief differentiation, we will compare their other features briefly.

Easy To Use

Filmora X is an easy-to-use software with a simple user interface. With the help of it, you can simply rotate, merge, trim, crop, and flip the videos. Whereas Filmora Pro has advanced editing tools that are not so easy to use for everyone. You need to have great video editing knowledge to use them.

Video Effects

Filmora X software has unlimited texts and titles which are beautifully animated that gives an immense look to videos. It is also fast in terms of rendering and can help you to edit your videos to a great extent. On the flip side, Filmora Pro offers advanced and professional tools for video editing and a Hollywood touch on your video.

Coloring Tools

With Filmora X, you can simply drag and drop filters to change clip looks and have advanced coloring options like color matching and color correction. Whereas FilmoraPro provides detailed and professionalized color wheels and automated color correction. It also automatically detects the color and changes that accordingly.


Filmora X has a simple keyframing experience with one-click presets and custom animations. However, with it, you can only create short animations. But, Filmora Pro provides various keyframe aspects such as position, size, obscurity, and volume. You can also create as long animations as you want.

Audio Effects

Both Filmora X vs FilmoraPro supports the use of audio clips. Filmora X also comes with a music library where you can easily find royalty-free music for your video. You can find the same kind of library also with Filomra Pro. But with this software, you can also customize those audio clips accordingly. 

System Requirements

Filmora X is compatible with Windows 7 or macOS 10.11 and Filmoram Pro is accessible with Windows 8 or macOS 10.13 versions.

Features Verdict

In the features comparison of Filmora X or Filmora Pro, we come to know that both software has almost the same features. But Filmora X provides them on a basic level or can say for beginners. And Filmora Pro has advanced-level video editing tools. Also, you can check the comparison between Filmora and Filmora X. Remember, to get a discount on this version, you can apply the Filmora coupon code and save money.

Price Differentiation of Filmora X and Filmora Pro

DurationFilmora xFilmora pro
Personal plan$89.99 as a one-time payment$149.99 as a one-time payment
Monthly Plan$19.99    —-
Yearly plan$61.99 $89.99

By comparing the prices of Filmora X vs Filmora Pro, it can be seen that Filmora X is quite more affordable than Filmora Pro. However, both of them provide value for money to the users. To get some price reduction, you can also use the latest Wondershare coupon code.

Conclusion: Is Filmora Pro Better Than Filmora 10?

Now, we are at the end of the Filmora X vs Filmora Pro comparison. Here, we have analyzed the features and prices of both these programs. Both of them are meant for different purposes and provide value for the money. So, if you are a beginner then you should go with the X version however for professionals, the Pro version can be a good choice. Many professional users recommend Filmora Pro as a good alternative to Camtasia.

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FAQs Related To Filmora X And Filmora Pro

Can I upgrade Filmora 10 to Filmora Pro?

No, you can not upgrade Filmora 10 to Filmora Pro. Because Filmora X is highly recommendable for novices and Filmora Pro one is for pros. They both serve different features and are not upgraded versions of each other.

Which Program is preferable for YouTubers?- Filmora 10 or Filmora Pro

However, YouTubers can use Filmora X for video editing. But if you have a big YouTube family and you want to create more professional videos, you must go for Filmora Pro software.

Is one license enough for Windows and Mac?

No, you have to purchase a distinct license because one license cannot be accessible for two different devices. 

Is there any monthly plan offered by Filmora Pro?

No, there is no monthly plan for Filmora Pro. you can buy it as an annual or perpetual plan.