TikTok’s ad management platform has been live for just over a year. If there were any doubts about TikTok’s ability to serve as an online advertising platform before this year, they have been dispelled.

So you’ve decided that TikTok deserves a chunk of your digital marketing budget. Why invest time and money in a TikTok strategy, aside from the fact that everyone else is doing it?

Read on for persuasive reasons and ad features that will convince you to pursue digital marketing through TikTok. Let’s come to the point and talk about the TikTok features & benefits for digital marketing below the section.

User Engagement

While many people applaud TikTok’s quickly growing user base, it’s the tremendous amount of user participation that stands out.

The average TikTok user spends 87 minutes per day on the app, according to TikTok. That is a huge chunk of time that brands may take advantage of.

TikTok’s content is also quite engaging. Customers of digital marketing agencies not only become captive audiences, but they also actively participate in the material rather than simply watching it.

Unlike YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest, where users primarily view videos, TikTok’s growing variety of features encourages users to add their creative spin to the content they’re watching.

With its lens feature, Snapchat comes close to TikTok in terms of involvement. 52 percent of TikTok users, on the other hand, do not use Snapchat. That’s a big following that would go unnoticed if TikTok wasn’t used to promote it.

Capabilities in Ecommerce

TikTok is determined to provide digital marketing companies a portfolio of full-funnel options while being best recognized for its awareness and engagement solutions.

TikTok announced a relationship with Shopify at the end of last year, which has now expanded to 15 countries.

This new functionality allows Shopify firms to access the TikTok For Business Ads Manager without leaving the Shopify dashboard.

This is a huge advantage for eCommerce businesses from a strategic standpoint. It enables them to reach out to potential customers early in their decision-making process while they are researching on TikTok, while simultaneously smoothly leading them to a conversion point with Shopify.

Brand Effects

To make your ads stand out, use Brand Effects. This is an AR tool for video overlays that works similarly to Snapchat lenses.

It is, however, designed to draw attention to brand-specific aspects.

The most intuitive uses are in the CPG, retail, and entertainment industries, but this adaptable feature can also be applied to other industries like travel and automobiles.

This feature, which taps into users’ desire for self-expression, is ideal for assuring high levels of engagement, brand recall, and the possibility of your content being shared. Along with this article, you will also know about top digital marketing strategies to boost up your business.

Catalog Ads

Use TikTok’s catalog advertising to showcase a wide range of products.

Even if you only have a few products and are not a merchant with a large number of product variations or SKUs, this is a worthwhile format to investigate. This is due to four factors.

  • Producing customized videos for each product.
  • To customize your product details, use automated rules.
  • TikTok’s Ads Manager now can save vital product information.
  • Developing unique sets for each product.

Hashtag Challenges

A hashtag challenge, when done correctly, may be quite beneficial to your company.

Aside from garnering a large audience and increasing participation, hashtags also offer the added benefit of integrating your company into the culture, since they are perceived as a more natural type of social media connection.

The hashtag snowball effect often continues long after the challenge is officially over, often for weeks.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to succeed with a TikTok hashtag challenge.

Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Influencer Support

It’s important investing in influencer help, especially if your TikTok or general social media following isn’t very large, to ensure the hashtag challenge goes off as smoothly as possible.

Yes, on top of the already hefty minimum, this entails paying much more. This, though, can spell the difference between a successful hashtag challenge and one that takes a long time to catch on to. This is the best benefit of TikTok and you can use this to become successful in social media.

Adoption Among Older Users Is Increasing

Adoption Among Older Users Is Increasing

One argument against advertising on TikTok is that its user base is disproportionately young, with less spending power compared to other social media platforms. After all, TikTok’s user base is dominated by people under the age of 24.

The fastest-growing sectors of TikTok are, believe it or not, older. This is identical to what we saw with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and practically every other social media platform at the same time.

TikTok’s fastest-growing age categories are 25-34 and 35+, according to the company.

As a percentage of total monthly active users from January to April 2023:

  • The 25-to-34-year-old demographic increased by 22% to 24%.
  • The group of people aged 35 and up increased by 19 percent to 25%.

Participate in TikTok’s expansion and spruce up your digital strategy with the company’s most engaging and inventive solutions!

Being early to the table has some advantages in digital marketing, as it does with all mediums and platforms. While your competitors are focusing on other things, you can use the features and benefits listed above to attract new customers and grow your business.

Wrapping Up 

Now you can comprehend how valuable TikTok can be for your digital marketing. The amount of users has been increasing continuously and numerous businesses started observing TikTok for their digital marketing. We are hoping you have understood all the TikTok features & benefits for Digital Marketing.

It’s the best time to start using TikTok marketing for your business and start reaping the benefits right away.