Why Blogging Lends a Very Strong Hand to Digital Marketing

All hail bloggers!

True! This is to every one of you out there who sacrifices their freedom and rights to look at this wonderful world God has created for the sake of a blue screen and a keyboard. 

Although that blue screen and keyboard are pretty tempting to blogging digital marketing services, it is also true that these writers spend most of their time locked in their systems, forgetting the sunlight; and the chirping of birds; and the fresh and cozy smell of that Tuna sandwich in that roadside cafe; and the warmth of a steaming cup of coffee…

Probably not the coffee! Skip that. Bloggers consume it a lot. 

Thank you to all the coffee harvesters!

Now, back to business. 

The endeavors of a blogger and his or her sacrifices are made to help a brand get the most visibility on the Internet. Not only that, blogging acts like the pillar of content marketing and allows your brand to be closer to your audience. Here you can read below that, why blogging lends a very strong hand to digital marketing? And how it will help your business growth.

That was marketing, though!

Blogging? It’s your superpower to market your brand digitally.

Why Blogging Can Be Your Trump Card In Digital Marketing 

Why not?

If you have just taken out loans for the unemployed in Ireland with no guarantor involved and used that money to fund digital marketing plans for your startup brand, then ask your marketers to keep a close eye on creating quality blogs and using them in the right ways.

It is because blogging can make your digital marketing strategies get unexpected benefits.  

Here they are:

  • It Builds Brand Value
  • It Engages Customers by Storytelling 
  • Leads Get Generated (and Converted)
  • You’d Get More Traffic 
  • Great for SEO and SMM

Well, we should go on learning more on these points right now.

It Builds Brand Value 

According to businesspersons, brand value is defining what your brand stands for.

According to Google; your brand value is the credibility of your business that is determined by the popular search engine checking these three factors:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Expertise 
  • Authoritativeness

And these three factors are analyzed by a system in Google called the Google E-A-T. This advanced system can now tell the ‘credibility’ of your brand with respect to the three factors mentioned above.

If you post quality blogs full of information – and the information people are looking for – and creativity, you take care of the authority, and the expertise part as you are sharing something others are not and that you are dominating the market by your enriched blogs.

And when that information is true, and it really makes improvement in people’s lives, they become dependent on your blogs through their trust. 

You have taken care of the three factors.

You’ve got great credibility.   

It Engages Customers By Storytelling 

Let’s think of two of the major film franchises of Keanu Reeves, shall we?

The John Wick trilogy has a wonderful neo-noir tone and a story that involves crime syndicates and silent and violent assassins fighting against the one-man army (and an assassin himself) John Wick.

On the other hand, The Matrix films are famous for their sci-fi environment and an experimental attitude in defining the relationship between humans and the machines they have created. 

You can see that both the film franchises have films that are hugely popular. But they have different tones of telling a story. 

Similarly, different brands have different purposes. These purposes reflect the nature of the business they’re into and define what kind of services they have in store for their customers.

This can be stated as the ‘tone’ of a business. And the tone of a business also states why it is special. 

With storytelling elements in blogging aligned to the purpose of a business, a fantastic approach and style can be developed for a brand.

Leads Get Generated (And Converted)

The better the blogs, the more engagement will be there on your website. It is because people would find them useful just for your writing style and would be interested in your products and services. 

You have got leads. 

They might also share your blogs with others, increasing the number of leads. 

As mentioned earlier, the more the leads, the more the engagement. 

Leads also get you more links. 

And when this lead clicks to investigate or to buy your product, you’ve got a conversion.

The more the conversion,…you get the idea. 

Read what vezadigital has to say on this:

“…it (blogging) can increase your leads by 67% and get you up to 97% more links to your website.”

For example, you can consider this blog How to watch Bigg Boss Season 17 in the US on JioCinema to learn how a good article should be written.

You’d Get More Traffic 

Quality blogs attract readers from all walks of life. 

And that means there can be a wonderful engagement happening on your website. 

The more readers or viewers come across your website and read your blogs. You stay ahead of other brands that do not yet attract large numbers of customers by their blogs or for some other reasons. 

So, you’re getting more traffic when your competitors and other brands are falling behind you.  

And that boosts visibility and digital marketing for your brand. 

Here are some options to consider for how to Market your Small Business to the Right Audience.

Great For SEO And SMM

Don’t you think that you have found the best deal to take out a bad credit loan for the unemployed without a guarantor from a lender who has attracted you with the best content and affordable offers?

Of course!

You could have missed that lender’s website if the lender didn’t use proper keywords with quality blogging. 

If quality blog writing is amalgamated with proper keywords, then that website comes in the first results of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and customers DON’T MISS THE BUSINESS THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. 


If any in the quality of the blogging and the keyword utilization is compromised, you won’t get the website ranked at the first positions. 

And that’s a huge loss. 

Quality blogs also generate leads when they are linked in social media. 

You may try microblogging. It can be a great way to generate more leads using social media platforms. 

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To Conclude 

Well, had enough with blogging, or did you want to know more?

You definitely can understand more!

But, you need to start writing blogs, use them and find out how they’re helping you out.