Why Dedicated server Seattle is better than VPS Server

As we can see in today’s world, going online with your business is an interesting way to reach more audiences from different countries.  And the day after day technology growing more. You need a hosting or website to take your business online. 

Choose the best hosting provider, if you want to host your site and keep it running. There are lots of hosting options and providers available in the industry. Get the best hosting that fulfills all your business need and has cost-effective. As per your business requirement, you can choose from shared, VPS, and dedicated. Shared and VPS hosting are best for small and mid-scale businesses. And dedicated hosting is good if you running a large business, accept online payment and receive huge traffic. 

Because dedicated server Seattle gives you lots of resources, flexibility, security, and much more. So, read this article till the end, and understand “why a dedicated server in Seattle is a better option than a VPS hosting?”. 

What are VPS Hosting?

VPS is a type of hosting service that is based on virtualization technology. Multiple users can host their site on the server. The hosting provider company provides you with a virtual environment to manage all your server resources and features.

However, both shared and VPS hosting are physically similar in structure. VPS hosting gives you more resources, high computing power, better bandwidth, more storage, and better performance than a shared server.  It is similar to a dedicated server in resources and features. But the cost of the server is less than dedicated hosting. 

What is a Dedicated server?

Dedicated hosting means an entire server is completely dedicated to a single organization, business, and e-commerce site. Managed and unmanaged two types of dedicated servers are available in the industry. You get a complete server environment to manage your resources and features. 

A managed dedicated hosting is more expensive than an unmanaged dedicated server. If you take the best-dedicated server in Seattle, then both will give you high bandwidth, SSD storage, enhanced security, better loading speed, optimal performance, and much more. Dedicated hosting is more costly than a VPS server. You will understand after reading this article why Dedicated server Seattle is better than VPS Server.

Key Difference between VPS and Dedicated server Seattle

Why Dedicated server Seattle is better than VPS Server


When we compared the VPS server vs the dedicated hosting, the VPS server is much more cost-effective than a dedicated server. Because multiple users host their site on it. So, the cost is divided between every user.

The user has to pay for a fraction of the complete server but you can access only limited resources of the server. 


Dedicated server and VPS server both give you better performance, high bandwidth, and faster-loading speed. This helps to improve your conversion rate, decrease the bounce rate and affect user behavior. VPS server gives you less performance than a dedicated server. 

Enhanced Security

Seattle Dedicated server provides you with more security than VPS hosting to your website. Because it is used by multiple users and managed by the hosting provider company. If you get an unmanaged dedicated hosting it is completely managed by you. 

But you get hosting from the best service provider company like serverwala then you no need to worry about the security of the server. Both of the servers provide you best security. 

Technical Knowledge

When you get an unmanaged dedicated server then you need to have the technical knowledge or hire a tech team to manage, install, and regularly update. We know lots of small and mid-scale businesses or startups can’t afford money to get a dedicated server. 

But when you host your site on VPS and manage a dedicated server in Seattle, you don’t need to learn technical knowledge to manage the server.


The hosting provider company provides you a complete environment with VPS or managed dedicated server Seattle to control your server features. 

But a dedicated hosting gives you more resources, features, and benefits than a VPS server. With Seattle dedicated server, you have complete control over the software upgrade and installed in your server. Also, you can integrate more hardware into it.


VPS servers give you the flexibility to scale up your hosting environment. If you take VPS hosting when you start your business. After some time your website receives huge traffic and you want to scale up your server. So, you can do it easily. 


Now we can understand the difference between VPS and dedicated server Seattle is that both of the servers are best as your business requirement. You can go with the VPS server if you run small and mid-scale businesses. And if you run a large business, accept online payment, run an e-commerce site, and provide a SaaS tool then you can go with the best Dedicated server in Seattle. Now you get to know Dedicated server Seattle is better than VPS Server.

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