Organic vs Paid Social

When starting your fashion brand, you need to explore the different digital marketing methods that benefit your business. Social media is one of those digital marketing methods you should explore as a brand.

There are two different types of social media methods that you can use. These are organic and paid social. Paid social can be highly beneficial for your brand but will also need to have an active organic social media account. Which is better among Organic vs Paid Social?

What is Organic Social Media? 

Organic social is where you can post content on your pages without coming at a cost. It is where everybody can see your posts who follow the brand. The audience that people will see those posts are;

  • A percentage of your following
  • People who follow your followers if your followers share the post 
  • People that follow the hashtags that you use. 

Hashtags are a great tool that every fashion brand should be using on their organic platforms. It is also a good opportunity for your brand to reach potential new customers. 

Organic social media is free to use and it can be highly beneficial for a fashion brand to use. Another positive about organic is that it is a great way to interact with your customers. Additionally, it is a place to showcase your new products and let your existing customers know what you have released. 

There are several reasons why a brand will use social media organically to raise brand awareness. They will use social media to:

  • Establish the brand’s personality
  • Build relationships by sharing their content with potential customer’s
  • Engage with customers throughout their journey of buying a product
  • Customer service with the existing customer’s

There are a couple of issues with organic social media that paid social can cover. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok all use ranking algorithms. It means that only a minority of followers can see the posts. It is believed only 10% of your followers will see your organic posts, depending on how large the brand is. 

The reach of an organic post used to be a lot larger in previous years. Many businesses believe that organic social media is not needed anymore. Furthermore, there is no way of finding if you have received any sales through posts organically. Unless there is a link on that post. This is why paid social is more important for many businesses.

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What Is Paid Social? 

Paid social media is also known as advertising. It is something that many brands/ businesses will pay to advertise their product or service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other media platform. Furthermore, a brand will direct its advertisements to its target audience. It will then reach out to new customers, potentially increasing their sales to new people. 

Paid social is becoming more popular now because businesses are seeing the opportunity to sell to new customers. As time goes by, more and more users are using social media. That is one of the reasons why it is so important for businesses to pay for advertisements. There are several reasons why a business will use paid social. There are various tools to track Instagram Followers and growth.

  •  Raises brand awareness and attracts potential customers
  • Promote new products, deals and events
  • Generate new potential conversions

Paid Social vs Organic Social Media

The positives of paid social media are very simple. With paid social, a business will be reaching out to a new audience, increasing conversions, and, reaching out to its target audience. Organic social is good for increasing brand awareness. It also gives the option of customer services and builds relationships with your existing customers. 

An organic social media strategy is there for you to build relationships and raise brand awareness. Furthermore, it is a great way to ensure that you keep your existing customers. On the off chance, you might attract new customers to the business due to your content being good on the page. 

With organic social media being a free platform for people to use, it will be slow progress. Much slower than paid social. Paid social is there for your business to achieve its goals as quickly as possible. However, it is easy to overspend when paying to advertise on social media platforms. You could be targeting too large of an audience that might not necessarily. 

With paid social, you will reach a much larger target audience. Not to mention that they will be reaching the target audience that you wish to reach. For example, if you are a brand that specializes in plain tracksuits, you want to reach out to people that buy from similar brands. When setting up your paid advertisements, you can target audiences that like products similar to yours. 


Paid and organic social are different although they can both be very effective. However, one thing that we recommend when it comes to social media is that you use everything that you can which is free. Paid social is a good way to reach new customers. We also suggest that you use organic social media to retain your existing customers. Not to mention that it is a great platform to use for customer service.