Reddit Alternatives

Reddit Alternatives is a hot topic among the reader because of its strict policies people are looking for different platforms.

Every person who loves to catch up with everyday happenings in the world has subscribed to Reddit. It is a place that helps people to stay up-to-date with the recent developments in the world and their surroundings. People get to see exciting news, regarding technological advancements, or developments in the field of media, sports, social media, etc. Also, people have the opportunity to do discussions on various topics and set forth their viewpoints. 

Yet, with time, Reddit has become a much more unpopular app. It is being buried under a variety of other apps and forums which are coming out with a lot more features and advantages to provide to the user. Thus, people might often want to read about the various alternatives to Reddit. 

Alternatives of Reddit

In the below-mentioned list, you will find the best Reddit Alternatives. if you choose any of the applications then you do need to tackle all the hectic policies of Reddit. The other applications also work like Reddit and we say that far better than Reddit. So, now you do not need to get stuck on the Reddit platform, choose an alternative and find the answer to any query simply.


  • It is widely believed that if you have any question regarding anything over the internet, Quora has the answer to it.
  •  It is more of a question-answer-based forum, where people create an account and register their questions. People who have answers to those questions come up with their viewpoints and thus a healthy discussion takes place. 
  • Another person can reply or comment on the answer of one person creating scope for discussion. 
  • A large variety of topics have been covered on Quora ranging from all fields of information, be it technology, politics, geography, history, or any other topic. Name it, and you will find it on Quora. 
  • It has gained huge popularity and large momentum in the past few years as it is a place where people literally find answers to all their questions!
  • You can even subscribe to their newsletter on a regular basis to be updated about the recent happenings in the world. 


  • 9Gag was originally a blog that was created by some content creators to share memes and funny images. 
  • Today it has evolved into a much larger community with various sections of discussion which seem interesting to many people. 
  • 9Gag also has pages on Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media apps, and they keep their followers informed of the latest trends in various fields and current news, especially in the form of funny images and memes. 
  • People are given the option of liking and commenting on various posts, and creating discussions. It has become a great source of entertainment, knowledge, discussion, and staying up-to-date today. 


  • Digg is a website that is quite similar to Reddit. IT has somewhat the same idea, but a much better user interface. 
  • It is clean and organized app and is easier to use and navigate as compared to Reddit. 
  • There are articles published on Digg, which are organized so that people can easily have access to them. The most trending articles are always on the top and so on. 
  • You can comment on those articles and generate discussion and pose your viewpoint. 
  • Digg ensures that good quality content is visible to its readers. You can choose from various genres provided to you according to your interests. 
  • You can also contribute to DIgg by sharing some articles or information on the website. 


  • Voat is a new platform, which is very similar to Reddit. In terms of user interface and organization, it has all the features matching that of Reddit. 
  • Any Reddit user would easily get handy to using Voat. Voat can be considered a duplicate of Reddit because there are so many similarities, but only minute differences. 
  • Voat is better than Reddit because of the ease of restrictions it has over its content. It was seen that Reddit has been banning some content that it doesn’t feel appropriate to be on its website. In this case, Voat allows users to post whatever they want to if it’s not illegal. 
  • It comes with another feature that it pays people if they post good quality content on its platform. Thus, you can become a part in its partner program and earn money through its means. 


  • It is a great platform if one loves to be updated about the recent innovations and technologies in the market. As its name suggests, it ends your product hunt as here you can find every type of technological item you need. 
  • From gadgets like smartwatches, and gaming consoles, to mobile phones and laptops, everything is available on ProductHunt. 
  • You are provided with complete information and specifications regarding every latest product which is available in the market. Many times, there are also comparisons between two or more products of the same type but different brands or make. 
  • It also comes with information about technological advancements or internet-based products such as websites, applications, etc. 
  • It is a great platform for discussion. If a person has a keen interest in technology and wants to gain knowledge or keep his own viewpoint about various products, he can build up a discussion on ProductHunt. This helps in guiding people in making the right decision for their products. 


  • It is a great platform for people who love to be updated with the latest news about what is happening in different arenas around the world. 
  • People around the world come up with amazing stuff and post it on StumbleUpon for the readers. Various new stories, inventions, and discoveries, etc. are posted on this platform by people around the world. 
  • It allows you to like or dislike any article you read and save or share any page you like. 
  • It is a great platform for exploring and staying connected with the world and you can stumble upon good articles and news pieces every now and then!

Wrap It Up- Best Reddit Alternatives

Thus, we have seen that there are many amazing websites out there on the internet which can serve as great Reddit Alternatives. You can start exploring your options and according to your interests, you can see which one serves as the best option for you.