About Us

We are the team of mix talent who want to create something from the old idea of savings. So we came with a name CouponsEye which means our team has eye around the world of online shopping to bring some big savings. All we want to do just help you in your online shopping by letting you have the discount on particular We want to become the one-stop destination for smart shoppers and our team doing all the way possible to make your purchasing cheap.

This is our second attempt with CouponsEye

Yes, this is the second time we went live with CouponsEye, On the first attempt, we got penalized by Google in our first month which search engine Google disclosed the reason for the penalty. So we just stopped there and it took all most one year to start again. This time we change the theme and idea. Hope we get out of that penalty and give some good information on saving to users around the World. But Google dominates the search engine and it becomes difficult for new ideas to come Up. So this time we are positive and hope for some great results.